Oolong: Bao Zhong

Oolong: Bao Zhong

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Bao Zhong is a lightly oxidized oolong tea which presents delicate aromas of lilac and orchid. This Taiwanese Bao Zhong is harvested twice per year, with a spring crop in April and a winter harvest in December. It if from the famous qingxin tea cultivar, which also produces other organic tea varieties. The name Bao Zhong refers to the "wrapped style" of traditional processing, in which this tea undergoes a very light rolling in order to keep its twisted leaf shape, and an oxidation level of less than 20% is maintained to preserve ethereal, high floral aromas. Lower caffeination closer to a green tea than a black tea. This lot of tea has been third party tested with negative results for cadmium, lead and mercury.


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