Tisane Organic: Wonderland Bliss (Limited Edition)

Tisane Organic: Wonderland Bliss (Limited Edition)



Held over by popular demand, Wonderland Bliss is the perfect non-caffeinated beverage to cozy up with by the fire, reading a good book. Enjoy a delicious custom blend of organic ingredients: dried cranberries, dried currants, dried hibiscus flowers, dried orange peel, cloves, star anise, licorice root and natural plum flavoring. Excellent iced too!

Available for a limited time.

A perfect Thank you, Valentine or Birthday gift for any tea lover. Available in 2 ounces through the end of February.


 2-3 martini glasses rimmed with cinnamon sugar

3 shots of your favorite Vodka

3 shots of brewed Wonderland Bliss

1-1/2 shots of orange juice (pulp free)

1 teaspoon simple syrup (increase for sweetness)



1. Mix equal part of cinnamon and sugar into a container large enough to dip the rim of a martini glass.

2. Rim each martini glass with a slice of lemon, then dip top of glass in a mixture of cinnamon-sugar.

3. In a tea sac or infuser, pour a cup of boiling water over a heaping teaspoon of Wonderland Bliss and steep for 3-4 minutes. Cool to room temperature.

4. Pour all ingredients into a martini shaker, add ice, then seal with strainer and lid and shake.

3.  Pour into glasses and garnish with a curl of orange or a sprig of rosemary


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