Green Organic: Saharan Mint

Green Organic: Saharan Mint

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Sahara Mint takes the traditional Moroccan Green Tea and kicks it up a notch with a chai like spice blend. Bright and refreshing. Delicious, iced or hot or with a touch of honey or sugar. Ingredients: celebrates the traditional mint teas and culinary spices of North Africa with a wondrous balance of roasted green tea, sweet peppermint, zesty ginger and lively cardamom. Hints of fennel and clove provide exotic aromatic accents. Maghreb Mint can be infused straight up like tea or prepared in the traditional style, simmered in boiling water with a touch of sugar to make a uniquely stimulating chai with the smooth finish of licorice. Many of these ingredients are great for the digestive and immune system. Licorice and ginger root are also used for upset stomach and sore throats.

Ingredients: Organic green tea, organic ginger root, organic cardamom, organic fennel, organic peppermint, organic licorice, organic cloves and organic black pepper cloves.


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Brew at 175-185 degrees (almost a simmer)
½ - 1 Tablespoon per 8-10 ounces
Steep 2-4 minutes
Green Tea can be steeped several times

Tea is Personal:  Once you try the recommended steeping instructions on the package, I invite you to play with the quantity of
tea and the length of the steep time to find your desired brew strength. Use a wide mouth infuser to let your tea dance!  Varying the water temperature isn't recommended, as water that is too hot will over-extract the bitter components of tea, while water that
is too cool might not fully draw out the aromas and flavors of tea.