Why Do I Love Tea? Let Me Count the Ways!

It is exciting to be able to share the teas I love. All of them exquisite, delicious and clean. Tea culture has always been a part of my life and one of the most enjoyable pleasures I share with my daughter, friends and family. It feeds body and soul and connects us all, creating the perfect opportunity to slow down and be present to one another.

I decided to create Cup of Joy Tea because, unfortunately, not all teas are created equal. Some of them can be contaminated with toxins. I find it particularly important to make sure tea is free from pesticides and heavy metals. Anyone, especially immuno-compromised people, do not need to burden their bodies with these toxins.  I choose to provide delicious, clean and 99% organic teas and tisanes for tea loving individuals. All offerings are carefully selected; if the environmentally responsible farms can’t afford to certify organic, I will 3rd party lab test to make sure that tea is free from heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and mercury.  I would never offer you a cup of tea that I wouldn’t drink myself.

My education and work experience have been based in food science, nutrition and the culinary arts.  Tea has similar complexities as wine, so I love nothing more than talking about tea; it's fantastic health benefits, origins and unique characteristics.

Tea is sacred to many cultures and in many ways an artistic expression of the earth. It is healthy to body and soul. I am grateful and honor those who hand pick the buds and leaves in the fields, process the tea; toasting, rolling or infusing the leaves to become my favorite Dragonwell, Yunnan Gold or Ruby Oolong. And to the Tea Master who discerns when it is time to release it to the world for all of us to enjoy. 

Lastly, you might have noticed the hummingbird on my logo. It is my
favorite little bird and a symbol of good luck. In the Native American
culture, it also means Joy. I hope you will feel a little joy with every cup you drink.

To Your Well Being!